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Ad-Hoc Webdesign in Barcelona

A Website should be perfectly adaptable to our needs and capabilities and in no way it should be limited by default templates or systems like Wordpress or Joomla or any other Content Management System (CMS)

Ad-Hoc Websites also should not be too expensive. In WeSeoFreelance we are independent professionals with lots of experience on the Internet and have our own content management system that does not use Wordpress or Joomla.

The truth is that in our nearly 15 years of experience we have had several clients who have been very dissatisfied with his previous Websites made with Wordpress or Joomla.

Why not use Wordpress?

Among other reasons, we would like to highlight two: vulnerability and speed.

Reason One: Wordpress is very vulnerable

Several times a year we get calls from customers who have made Worpress web and have been victims of an attack.

Wordpress is very vulnerable to all kinds of attacks for one simple reason: Wordpres uses open source code. That means it's accessible for everybody.  So the 'bad guys' can do much harm for very little invesed time. Once they find a vulnerability, the 'bad guys'  can attack several hundred or even thousands of sites made with Wordpress worldwide.

Among the various reasons why the 'bad guys' can attack our site we include the creation of links or advertising to their Websites or they can even kidnapp our website and ask for ransom.

Reason number two: Wordpress is slow

Have you noticed, right? Wordpress is slow. Very slow, painfully slow. We see very nice Internet pages made with Wordpress templates that take forever to load. They can take up to 20 seconds to a minute, and sometimes even more.

Why is Wordpress so slow? There are several reasons, the main one is because wordpress was born as a  'general purpose' tool - intended to be useful for many things and adapt to all types of businesses - then happens that a Web made with Wordpress load every imaginable library templates, codes and styles. We can find pages made with Wordpress that by default they need to load up to 30 javascript files and as many CSS files.

To explain this so that we can understand, it's like if we go hiking weekend and we took luggage for several months, snorkeling, golf clubs, Windsurfing equipment, the boat zodiac, riding boots and party clothing, casual, winter and summer. Probably we not use the 95% of things. Well, this is what happens with Wordpress. Load countless files, libraries and functionality that we do not need at all, but the load and so the pages are so slow, sometimes it is even exasperating.

This slowness is not only relevant to the experience of people who visit our site. Keep in mind that Google to see that our so slow page loads penalize us regarding our competition pages load faster. The loading speed is an increasingly important aspect for SEO positioning.

For these and other reasons, WebSeoFreelance not recommend using Wordpress and utlizamos a tool tailored to each client. If you want a Web page tailored to your business, contact us and we will make a full budget to your needs. Remember cheap is expensive.



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