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Hire a SEO expert in Barcelona

No need to re-think it again.

If you want to make a good SEO strategy and implementation, the most important thing today -we are in 2018- is content writing.

And to make good content you have to know how to write. But not only that: to make good SEO content you have to know how to write and know about SEO itself.

You have to know how to write and know about SEO

And finding a good content/ copy writer who also knows SEO is like trying to find good love or the holy grail. It simply does not exist or they are all occupied.

Currently in the marketing and communication agencies 3.0 and from my personal experience I have realized that most of them are terribly anchored in the past and believe that SEO is a matter of getting links (regardless of quality and context) and optimization and optimization of your Web.

Agencies have been doing the same since 1999

It is true that it is important to optimize the Web, but you can not be months and months doing the same. Most of the templates of the most popular CMSs such as Wordpress come superoptimizadas for SEO.

And it is true that the incoming links is important but the most important thing is the content. Know how to write and know how to make a relevant page by a certain keyword or what is the same a good Landing Page.

SEO agencies in Barcelona are expensive

Of course they are expensive.

In an agency that is dedicated to SEO at least you are going to pay the salary of the editor or copy and that of the SEO expert (who usually knows SEO level brother-in-law, or what is the same, little or nothing).

But in addition you will end up paying the salary of the director of the secretary of the account executive the poor fellow.

Total, you will pay big money and that will not be cost-effective

Hire us, we do good at a nice price

Do not think twice and hire an expert copy SEO at a good price with us.

We are not going to promise spectacular results, we will not promise you SERPS paradise, but we will analyze your case without compromise and we will tell you success stories that we can not show here because of confidentiality.


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