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We understand that SEO is a big part of every marketing strategy. Of course your website should accomplish many goals: it has to show clearly what you offer, it has to be intuitive and  easy to navigate ( what we call 'usability') but the most important part is almost always forgotten: how to be found on the internet, above your inmidiate competitors.

We cannot promise you an specific position, but we can apply to your website our proven strategies that have worked for our previous clients. Contact us now!

If you are looking an english speaking SEO expert in Barcelona, you have just found us! We have plenty of experience both in english and spanish in SEO positioning. Our main customers are start-ups, small and medium companies and freelance professionals.

From our previuos experience, we have many clients who dedicated many time and efforts in getting their website online, writing and organizing the contents, creating a beautiful design, writing the best decriptive texts, hours and hours of work, but not paying any attention to SEO aspects, so the website is online, but nobody can't find it.

And many times the most obvious SEO aspects are complete forgotten, so then new customers simply don't arrive. Those websites are mere visit cards or online catalog and only friends and existing clients know the existence.

Wheter if you want to create a website or a webapp from scratch or if you have an existing one, we are here to help. We are SEO experts, we speak english and we are in Barcelona. Give us a call now and let's talk and make things work!


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