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1. Strategic analysis and availability searches.

We have legal, technical and human resources of great efficiency and professionalism for the registration of your designs.

We carry out prior searches of availability of your designs with the aim of verifying whether there are other earlier designs applied for or registered which might constitute an obstacle for obtaining your registration.

2. Registration of designs at the national, European Union and international level.

The appearance of a product can be protected at the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office, the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the Trademark and Designs Registration Office of the European Union and through our network of associates, in any foreign country.

3. Monitoring of designs.

We offer a service of monitoring of designs in such a manner that you can act in the case of possible infringing of your rights.

4. Legal advice, pre-trial actions and legal actions.

We provide legal advice regarding matters of designs and we carry out legal and pre-trial actions to protect your rights over your designs.


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