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1. Strategic analysis and searches for availability.

Our services are based on offering personalised advice prior to registration according to the needs of the client and its business strategy.

We analyse the sectors and the countries in which to register your trademark so as to obtain the most suitable protection and we advise you personally. Before making the request for your trademark, we carry out prior searches of availability with the aim of verifying whether there are trademarks previously applied for or registered which might constitute an obstacle to obtaining your registration.

2. Registration of Spanish, community and international trademarks.

We register your trademark with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, with the World Intellectual Property Organisation and with the Trademark and Designs Registration Office of the European Union and, through the network of associates, in any foreign office of patents and trademarks.

We monitor the progress of applications until registration, including the presentation of responses to failures and appeals.

We have advanced technology which enables us to conduct administrative monitoring of your trademark and to check the administrative expiry.

3. Monitoring of trademarks and presentation of oppositions.

We keep an eye on your trademark at the national, European and international level through checking the publications of trademarks in the different patent and trademark offices and we keep you constantly informed about any matter relating to your trademark. Monitoring of the trademarks makes it possible to act with speed in the case of possible applications for registration which might seriously affect your rights.

We present oppositions to applications for registration of trademarks which infringe your rights in Spain, in the European Union and in any foreign country through our network of associates.

4. Programmes of fighting against trade in counterfeiting at the international level.

Through close collaboration with foreign associations, we carry out programmes of fighting against trade in counterfeiting at the international level, which include judicial monitoring of criminal prosecutions. Our programmes include applications for customs intervention in Spain and in the European Union, market inspections and coordination of interventions with the State Security Forces.

5. Legal advice, pre-trial actions and legal actions.

We provide legal advice in relation with the drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to matters of trademarks such as transfers or licences.

We carry out pre-legal actions as well as legal actions for the defence of your trademark. We bring actions for nullity of a registration and for expiring of trademarks due to lack of use, as well as actions for infringing of trademarks both under civil and criminal law.


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